Today is Art Day

Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge Card


Is this a bridge too far? We would argue it's a bridge not far enough. While we can't be as close to our loved ones and frenemies as we'd like these days, why not bridge the gap with this greeting card inspired by Claude Monet’s famous painting of the Japanese footbridge that crossed a pond of water lilies in his home garden. #gardengoals

This product includes:

  • Pop-up card wish card (on which you can write nice things)
  • Envelope dimensions: 6 x 6 in / 15 x 15 cm

About "Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge"

Claude Monet’s Water Lilies consists of a series of approximately 250 paintings depicting the artist’s garden at his home in Giverny, France. In 1893, Monet purchased an adjacent lot and transformed the site into an Asian-inspired oasis of cool greens, plants, and calm waters, all enhanced by a Japanese footbridge. In his serial approach, Monet returned to the same view under different weather and light conditions, sometimes working on eight or more canvases in the same day.