Today is Art Day

Sunflowers Pin


Listen, we'll say it if nobody else will: the flowers wouldn't have wilted if he could have just painted faster.

  • Soft enamel pin 1.25"
  • 5 colors
  • Backer card (90 x 52 mm)
  • Transparent bag with hole
  • Perfect for jackets, shirts, backpacks, fanny packs, shoes, saddles, cloaks, and capes

About "Sunflowers"

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh painted two series of still lifes depicting sunflowers. The one here shows a bouquet in a vase and is from the second set he made in Arles. These were intended to welcome and impress Paul Gauguin and be part of van Gogh’s guestroom in his home, where Gauguin was supposed to stay. One often-overlooked fact about these paintings is that the flowers are not in bloom, but rather, are wilting.