Today is Art Day

Waterlilies and Venice Mask


Since you can't show off your beautiful face in public right now, why not cover it in a beautiful work of art?

Reversible mask inspired by Claude Monet:

  • 2-ply mask
  • Reversible
  • Light and comfortable
  • Easy to breathe
  • Best worn on face, but we're not the boss of you
  • Nose wire 
  • Adjustable
  • Soft hand polyester spandex blend
  • Machine washable, lay flat to dry
  • Do not bleach

Each mask is reversible and features two designs:

"Waterlilies," 1915
"Grand Canal, Venice," 1908 (detail)

Not intended for health care or medical use.


About "Water Lilies"

Claude Monet’s "Water Lilies" consists of a series of approximately 250 paintings depicting the artist’s garden at his home in Giverny, France. In 1893, Monet purchased an adjacent lot and transformed the site into an Asian-inspired oasis of cool greens, plants, and calm waters, all enhanced by a Japanese footbridge. In his serial approach, Monet returned to the same view under different weather and light conditions, sometimes working on eight or more canvases during the same day.