Today is Art Day

Frida Kahlo Mask


Since you can't show off your beautiful face in public right now, why not cover it in a beautiful work of art?

Reversible mask inspired by Frida Kahlo:

  • 2-ply mask
  • Reversible
  • Light and comfortable
  • Easy to breathe
  • Best worn on face, but we're not the boss of you
  • Nose wire 
  • Adjustable
  • Soft hand polyester spandex blend
  • Machine washable, lay flat to dry
  • Do not bleach

Each mask is reversible and features two designs:

"The Two Fridas," 1939
"Self-Portrait with Monkeys," 1943

Not intended for health care or medical use.

 © (2018) Banco de México Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo Museums Trust, Mexico, D.F. / SOCAN (2020)


About "Self-Portrait With Monkeys"

In the year this self-portrait was painted, Kahlo accepted a teaching position at the School of Painting and Sculpture in Mexico City. Soon after, her health took a turn for the worse, and classes had to be held in her home in Coyoacán. Eventually, the class dwindled to only four loyal students, who called themselves "Los Fridos." Here, Kahlo may be portraying herself as the teacher surrounded by the remaining students. 


About "The Two Fridas"

This double self-portrait by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is considered her most famous painting. Two versions of Kahlo are seated next to one another. The one on the left is wearing a European-style Victorian garment while the other dons a traditional Tehuana dress.

A common interpretation of the work is that this is a representation of Frida’s dual identity: her European ties through her German father and the Mexican heritage passed through her mother.

Another interpretation is that the Tehuana Frida is the one Diego Rivera adored (she is holding a small portrait of her husband), while he rejected the European Frida. After all, this painting was made in the year Kahlo divorced Rivera.