Bird: Exploring the Winged World

Phaidon Press


Bird: Exploring the Winged World is an extensive celebration of feathered creatures across thousands of years of art, science, and popular culture. Published by Phaidon, the stunning, 352-page volume compiles works from hundreds of artists, illustrators, photographers, and designers—including Lorna Simpson, Nick Cave, Ernst Haeckel, and Florentijn Hofman—who choose ostriches, flamingos, and other avians as their central motifs. 

Each spread connects two distinct works from different periods, pairing anatomical renderings with James Audubon’s illustrations and striking contemporary portraits with vintage advertisements.

In addition to hundreds of images, the forthcoming tome features an introduction by Katrina van Grouw and information about urban birding experiences and taxonomies.

  • Published by Phaidon Press
  • 352 pages
  • 10.1" x 11.6" x 1.4" inches
  • 5.5 pounds
  • Hardcover