Dreyfus Art Playing Cards

Art of Play


Produced in collaboration with the wildly imaginative illustrator Ashley Dreyfus, this fully custom deck of cards features a colorful cast of characters drawn in a whimsical, psychedelic style.

Join Dreyfus' "alter egos" on an adventure through a magical forest full of smiley mushrooms, playful dragons, double rainbows, singing birds, and a robot coffee maker (because everyone needs coffee). It won't take long to appreciate why Dreyfus' joyful art has found passionate fans around the world.

Each deck is housed inside a vibrant letterpress-print tuck box and sealed with a rainbow foil sticker.

  • Printed by the United States Playing Card Co.
  • Four ounces 

About Ashley Dreyfus

Ashley Dreyfus is an illustrator and mural artist based in Los Angeles. Her art and characters exist in an alternate reality, where humans are transformed into their alter egos, trees have grown legs, and cats drink coffee. A few of her influences include Keith Haring, vintage clothing and cartoons, and of course, her love of coffee.